Barkhausen Institut

Open Lab

In parallel to the research work conducted at our Institute, we aim at communicating results actively ​and audience-geared to the society. We also want to contribute to the popularization of latest technology, provide serious information and draw interest to our research areas. To this end, we plan to create an open space directly adjacent to our Connected Robotics Lab. The open space will be dedicated to little ones as well as grown-ups living in and visiting Dresden. The Open Lab will enable visitors to​ enter into dialogs with the researchers and enable them to connect with the humans behind the technological innovations.

At the Open Lab, people will be introduced to the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a network of devices that are connected to the Internet. The connectivity allows these things (vehicles, robots, sensors…) to interact and exchange data. As a first step, the visitors will learn about the context and the reasons for growth of IoT in our everyday lives​. They can get information about the benefits and risks of IoT but also about the necessity of an educated usage of any IoT technology. With interactive demonstrations and hands-on experiments, the visitors will familiarize themselves with security, dependability and privacy aspects that are key to the acceptance and success of IoT.


Tiphaine Cattiau
Dr. phil.Tiphaine CattiauProjectmanager Open Lab