Barkhausen Institut


Executive Board

Gerhard Fettweis
Prof. Dr.Gerhard FettweisManaging Director

Connected Robotics Lab

Maximilian Matthé
Dr.-Ing.Maximilian MatthéHead of Engineering Lab
Markus Böhme
Dipl.-Ing.Markus BöhmeResearch Engineer
Paul Kühne
Dipl.-Ing.Paul KühneResearch Engineer
Joshwa Pohlmann
Dipl.-Ing.Joshwa PohlmannResearch Engineer
Tiphaine Cattiau
Dr. phil.Tiphaine CattiauProjectmanager Open Lab

Wireless Connectivity

RF Design Enablement

Composable Operating Systems

Michael Roitzsch
Dr.-Ing.Michael RoitzschResearch Group Leader
Nils Asmussen
M. Sc.Nils AsmussenResearch Associate

Scalable Computing Hardware

Sebastian Haas
Dipl.-Ing.Sebastian HaasResearch Associate
Friedrich Pauls
Dipl.-Ing.Friedrich PaulsResearch Associate

Secure and privacy-respecting data processing

Stefan Köpsell
Dr.-Ing.Stefan KöpsellResearch Associate


Patricia Grünberg
Dr.Patricia GrünbergDirector G&A, Operations
Stefanie Dünkel
Stefanie DünkelAdministrative Assistant
Olena Orlova
Olena OrlovaAdministrative Assistant